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Re: Mom's in Barrie?

Hi chantal! congratulations on your new baby! that is so wonderful.

DH, our 2.5 yr old son and I live between Barrie and Orillia. I'm 35, hubby 39. We're about to start working on # 2 and are taking our herbal infusions and supplements! I just rejoined the waterbirth groups and started digging out my books from 2 yrs ago. I also called the Barrie midwives to get a handle on their practice. Many of my friends in LLL have used them and have wonderful things to say. For various reasons, we passed on using them 2.5 yrs ago and went with the Newmarket midwives instead.

Being that we love compleat mother and are homebirthers too... we should chat!! We a bit more crunchy then most of my friends but they love us anyway! hee hee It's hard to find local like minded families sometimes! I'm actually in the process of starting a network for the barrie, orillia, midland, gravenhurst area that I hope will fly(i've completed the flyer and almost the yahoo group...then will be putting up flyers and faxing through to the chiropractors offices and such).

We've lent our van to our BIL's family so we are down to one vehicle(I don't go out much in the winter anyhow) but hey we could always chat online. Maybe we'll have something in common???


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Replying to:

Are there any mom's or soon to be mom's in the Barrie area, who wouldlike to chat? We just had our second child at home with midwives, and it was WONDERFUL!

Re: Re: Mom's in Barrie? - by Terri Barlow - Apr 23, 2006 2:41pm
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