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Re: Re: Re: Vancouver AP mom's n' tots playgroup?

Good to hear you all are trying to get together but I'm wondering why you're having trouble finding AP mom's in Vancouver- the meca of AP as far as I knew. We west coasters have always been more alternative.

I'm a long term AP'er in Vancouver with 3 soon to be four kids. I made my inital conacts through La Leche Leage. The once a month meeting isn't enough but its a start. We young moms formed our playgroups from there. Most groups have a more informal enrichment meeting as well- so that makes 2 LLL meetings a month that can help yu meet other moms- not eveyone who attend LLL meetings are AP but I usually find the ones who stick around for more than a few meetings are.

Vancouver also has a retired LLL leader who leads an Attachmet Parenting group that meets one evening a month. Its more a support group meeting to exhange ideas (not so much a play group) but play groups have formed from it too. They also have thier own private web site too.

The way I meet AP'ers now is through the Vancouver Homelearners (child-led learning/ unschooling is often a byproduct of AP) Their webpage is One of the many activities is a open Gym at West Point Grey Community Centre on Thurdays. We have many families interested in but not yet commited to homelearning join us be the time the eldest is three years old. You can fid the info on the On Going Weekly and Monthy events off the page I linked to above.

Contact me at if you'd like to know more about the attachment parenting group.

Hope some of those ideas help.

Melissa H.

(Local Heart to Heart Baby Sling Distributor-

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Let's definitely get our babies together!! I don't have a car...What's the trip like on transit out to Abbts. from Van?


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Kendell, I'm in Burnaby! We never hooked up!! How was x mas? ours was nuts. MIL worships santa and that couses a bit of a problem for me.

Red, I had NO idea you were in Abbts. How RAD!

Lets start our OWN AP group, then!

I have 2 other friends who would be interested. ! is even in abbts, too.

We can all connect at ion the community section.

The other woman that lives in Van. is Karen Love. She is a darling!

My e mail is

Lets get our babies together!!

Love, Katie

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I am lonely and isolated even in this big city!!! I go to a group, but they are not anywhere near "AP" and I feel like freak! I also go to a community kitchen, but it's through the health board, so they are pretty conservative. Any one have any ideas on how to go about getting a playgroup going? Anyone want to get one started with me??? I wish you all didn't live in ONTARIO!!!

looking forward to hearing from you


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