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Re: Re: Vancouver AP mom's n' tots playgroup?

Hi there,

I am APing in Langley and am sick of being seen as a freak or worse of having to just keep my mouth shut while I listen to schedules, and watch bottles etc etc etc.. I would love to get together with you ladies and babes too if you ever managed to sort it out, let me know,


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Kendell, I'm in Burnaby! We never hooked up!! How was x mas? ours was nuts. MIL worships santa and that couses a bit of a problem for me.

Red, I had NO idea you were in Abbts. How RAD!

Lets start our OWN AP group, then!

I have 2 other friends who would be interested. ! is even in abbts, too.

We can all connect at ion the community section.

The other woman that lives in Van. is Karen Love. She is a darling!

My e mail is

Lets get our babies together!!

Love, Katie

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I am lonely and isolated even in this big city!!! I go to a group, but they are not anywhere near "AP" and I feel like freak! I also go to a community kitchen, but it's through the health board, so they are pretty conservative. Any one have any ideas on how to go about getting a playgroup going? Anyone want to get one started with me??? I wish you all didn't live in ONTARIO!!!

looking forward to hearing from you


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