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Starting BF support group in Hamilton!

Hi all,

I have decide that I would like to slowly start a breastfeeding support group in my area of Hamilton. I have been frustrated with local LLL groups and feel somewhat left out because I may or may not practice the exact parenting styles they do. This upsets me because breastfeeding does not demand that the lifestyles be similar in order to get together to chat and support one another about breastfeeding/parenting subjects.

I would love to have a group that meets before or after naps, focuses on every aspect of breastfeeding especially past the first year, touches on motherhood/parenthood topics, and where no one gets judged if they AP, Ferberized, weaned, SAHM or W. Sound good?

Let me know of anyone here would be interested. It is still in the early stages, as is the corresponding web site I am working on getting running.


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