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Re: Re: birthing tubs

thanks for the reply! I was hoping to indulge in something a little deeper than our kids pool. Besides it will not fit in the house.

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We didn't rent a tub we actually used our birth helpers inflatable kiddie pool. It was a little shallower than the tubs I've seen advertised in the Compleat Mother but it worked like a charm for us! It's sold at Canadian Tire for approximately $50. I really liked that it had nice soft sides that I could lean on and over (in the hands and knees position). The tropical fish were cute too!

You may also want to post this question on the bulletin board. It tends to be visited more often that this forum.


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Anyone ever rent a birthing tub in Northern Ontario???

I would appreciate any information on this subject

Re: Re: Re: birthing tubs - by andrea - Feb 14, 2001 12:58pm
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