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Re: bilingual baby?

Caleen (I hope I spelled that right!) You seem to want people to talk to...have you tried the message board?? I have seen bilingual children - many have one parent speak to them in one language while they respond in the language of the dominant culture. Some bilingual children learn to speak slightly later - which is not something to worry about. Children who are regularily exposed to another language early in life will pick up the language later in life much easier than those with no second language exposure (something about the formation of brain synapsis) Good luck!

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Hello all,

English is the first language for both my husband and I, but I also speak fluent French, and hubby speaks a little French. My question is, how do you bring up a bilingual child? My son is only 5 month's, but I want to expose him to french often, through videos and my own use of it in his presence. But we are not a french culture where I live, so will he benefit at all from hearing it? I know this has been done before,I'm just not sure how.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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