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Re: North Bay, Finally on the way!


Hope your move goes/has gone well.

I live in Markham, but my husbands family lives in North Bay and a cottage in South River.. I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving there!

We have a 4 month old and I'd love to share stories and insights!

This has been the most awesome experience of my life and would love to talk to someone who shares my positive outlook!!

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We've been planning and postponing a move to North Bay Ontario for roughly 2 years now and it finally seems to be more concrete. We'll be moving for December 1 and we're really excited! We'll be sharing a home with my Mum and Dad and younger brother. We presently live 3 1/2 hours south of North Bay so it will be a big change. I'd love to hear from any Mums in the North Bay area. My e-mail is Also baby #3 is due in approx. 5 weeks so send happy birthing vibes please!


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