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Re: re: bilingual baby?


My daughter is 4.5 now and she is fully bilingual (English/Russian). Russian is a first language for both me and my husband. And we have a rule at home we speak strictly Russian unless we have guests who don't. We tried to minimize her exposure to English until about 2 yrs old. by that time she was very well spoken in Russian. Then she went to the English speaking daycare and peaked up English I a few month. She right away understood the concept of different languages and never mixed them since(mixing is very common for bilingual kids). Understanding of the concept

seems to be the most difficult part for many little children.

It is hard to them to understand that to different names of the same object belong to to different groups of words called language. As soon as they learn it it becomes much easier.

I wish you success and good luck

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I just wanted to let you know that I was faced with the same delema during my pregnancy with my son who is now 2 months old. What my hubby and I decided to do was that one of us would speak one language all the time and vice versa. As for friends and family the ones that were fluent in the second language, in this case french, would speak it to our little guy. I know of two people who have done this and found it worked well. I'd love to hear back and see how things are going. e-mail me back at your earliest convenience


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Hello all,

English is the first language for both my husband and I, but I also speak fluent French, and hubby speaks a little French. My question is, how do you bring up a bilingual child? My son is only 5 month's, but I want to expose him to french often, through videos and my own use of it in his presence. But we are not a french culture where I live, so will he benefit at all from hearing it? I know this has been done before,I'm just not sure how.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Re: re: bilingual baby? - by Yelena Skorik - Jul 29, 2002 9:49pm
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