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Re: looking

Hello Shelly:

Perhaps you've found some land by now and are happily in Canada or on your way. How do you plan to enter Canada legally though? There's the immigration issue to think about.

Our family (hubby & me and our 4 yr old daughter)are already putting some of this into practice and hoping to continue to live partly this way (still keeping some outside income but hopefully less and less of it) near London, Ont. The B.C area might be another good option. But, I think you'll find that Canadian society on the whole regardless of where you live accepts this alternately lifestyle a little more than the U.S. But I doubt you'll actually find a whole "town" that lives like this! Good luck though.

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Replying to:

Hello canadian sisters,I'm writing in hopes of finding info on any canadian towns that support "alternative"living,such as home;steading,schooling,birthing,no time limits on nurseing,eating whole foods,etc.My name is Shelly, my husband Sky and myself are both 31,and we have a son,Krys who is 15,a daughter Nokomis who is 5.We all enjoy the above,we school are childern at home now but find it harder to do all the time,because of the need for extra income.we've had the exsperiance of both hospital,and home birth and would never have another child in the hospital,we partisapate in our local whole foods co-op,but have not yet had a hand at homesteading,growing our own,or living off the grid which we;d like to do.We've looked endlessly for affordable land with no such luck in our area,though we've found quite a few in canada,and are now thinking of heading your way,BUT WHERE....what area???We'd all be grateful for any input.Thanks for your time,and happy mothering!

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