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Re: breeding smokes and showing is it true that there are no cpc smokes

Greetings from Ceylon Cattery,
While there are many purists out there in the Persian world meaning... Persians with no lineage including Himalayans or Exotics...
There are also the more non traditional breeders whom do have the Himalayan lineage present in their lines.
Including a CPC smoke will introduce the CPC 3000 # to all offspring that results from such Persian.

Smokes are a small niche of some truly good breeders. But introducing the CPC genes you're cutting back on open doors to some of the best smoke breeders programs out there. (Not 100%, but it's definitely going to prove to be a disappointment from time to time.)
Additionally, providing your breeding your smoke to a NON CPC carrier male, you'll not produce smoke point Himalayans. Now those offspring have such potential.
However should you breed to a CPC male, you risk producing this odd coloration. They make nice pets. But is that all your after? To produce pets?

Bottom line is whats important to you? Are you willing to have some of the best doors in the world closed to you for having CPC smokes? Are you willing to produce smoke points which are not acceptable for show in CFA? What's the point of you introducing a smoke CPC to your program? If you want to have more opportunities, pass on the CPC smoke and go find yourself a lovely pure lineage Smoke to introduce into your program.

I hope somehow I've been of assistance to you.
Ceylon Cattery