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Is He Blue or is He Black ?

Hi and hello, it was this website that enticed me to get a smoke persian so it only seems fitting that i come back when i need a little help.

Gizmo was purchased from a first timer, she has labeled him as Black Smoke but guess what ? he was born in Feb and he's still not black, i would say he is Blue he even looks blue, but he has a black nose and black footy pads he is definatly smoke, his outer coat is like blue and his undercoat is kinda like silver meaning it's not white but it's not grey either. Any Help would be greatly appreciated i can forward pictures if you like.

Re: Is He Blue or is He Black ?

This is not unusual at all. The nose and the paws are black, so he must be a black not blue. The coat will be black later on, perhaps at the next change.

Re: Is He Blue or is He Black ?

hi i have a black smoke persian and his name is gizmo too cuz he looks like a i call him immo gimmo...