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Re: can this kitten be a smoke?

It is very possible that this kitten could be a smoke espcially if it has a Chinchilla sire and a smoke dam.

The biggest thing I question is the actual colour of the kitten.

If in fact this kitten has a blue smoke dam and a chinchilla sire, the is no possible way this kitten could have cream anywhere on it's body, there is no way this kitten born from this combination could ever be a "blue patched tabby", if it has cream on it anywhere then the parents are incorrect.

I would also question it's parents based on it's being blue, all to many silver chinchilla cats do not carry dilute

Hope you have found out more about your kitten


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Replying to:

just bought my first smoke kitten. Mother Blue Smoke
Father Silver shaded Chincilla. Kitten has tabby face, mostly black or dark blue with patches of cream. cream on face, around ears. 8 weeks old, does not have light under coat but not sure when this is noticeable? not sure of the genetics of this color crossing. thanks for any help.