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Re: Re: Re: Red Smoke

Hi Dorothty,

Are you having some problem to view pages at the Smoke Persian Web Site, URL ?

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What do you click on to see the sites you show of smokes?

I cant find where. Its not clear as to where.



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Hello Katherine,

I am no expert in Cameos, but will try to respond something. I forwarded your question to the smoke-persian list, and this is how one breeder described the difference between Red Smoke and Cameo:

>>> The smoke vs. Cameo has to do with the proportionate length of color vs. white root on each hair shaft.

A smoke (of any color) as 25% white roots and 75% color tipping.

A Cameo has 50% white roots and 50% red color tipping.

This should appear on each hair all over the body, usually when in full coat (30 seconds in February).

And a Shell Cameo, while we're at it, has 75% white roots and 25% red color tipping.<<<

What you ask about small amount of tipping in Red Smokes may be in reverse coat period. The color of a Smoke is also something that developes in stages. A kitten or a young Smoke often have a lighter color of the coat than what they will have as adults.

I have no personal experience of breeding Cameos, but I do know that breeding Smokes is a challenge. We all learn by experience, and by time. Hopefully some other Smoke breeder will comment your post and help clarify the Red Smoke vs. Cameo.

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Hi Smoke breeders,

I have never seen a Red Smoke in person.I have seen many Black and Tortie Smokes that have clear color and white undercoat. From what I read Red Smoke should look like a Red but have the white undercoat. Then with less tipping become Shaded Cameo and Shell Cameo. As I study

Cameos I see many photos of Red Smoke that look like Cameo (small amount of tipping) Am I seeing a reverse

coat period? Is it difficult to know the correct color

between the three shades?