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Re: Moses Gate Bolton

Well I`m up for it! I think it could have legs in the right venue and location...

Re: Moses Gate Bolton

Hi, this is Paul the guitarist from Roxyrama, I'm not going to get involved in the Moses gate issue, Fin knows my thoughts on that one ! I just wanted to reply to Kevin and the suggestion of a Roxy convention and both bands playing. " Wow " is my main thought and yes I'd certainly be up for that. We'd be able to cover just about any Roxy song between us, it could be an interesting and amazing evening. Like you say, the right venue and more importantly , the right marketing and promotion and it could be quite a big event !

Re: Moses Gate Bolton

We'd be up for it. Proxy Music down London might fancy it also. Could be quite a good bun fight.

Re: Moses Gate Bolton

Make a big enough splash and your gig might prompt Bryan to tour Roxy Music again.

Meanwhile the Landlord at Moses Head can stand on the stage and made to hang his head in shame.

Re: Moses Gate Bolton


Thanks for bringing levity to this whole tribute issue, however, what`s not so funny is to discover that the highly opinionated Paulo (IP and Paul from Roxyrama (IP are one of the same! `Paulo` was so quick to follow Fin`s posts pretending to have no connection with Roxyrama only to comment later as `Paul`...

Read back through Paulo`s/Paul`s comments and consider if you feel you have been subjected to a smoke screen (at best!). Has this happened before on this site? Answers on a postcard... Paul and Fin from Roxyrama: I think you should explain yourselves...

Re: Moses Gate Bolton


Well that was a brief outbreak of peace. Sorry to piddle on your bonfire Sherlock, but PAUL owns a music shop in Leeds (he needs a proper job cos he makes rock all playing in a Roxy Music tribute band). PAULO is a friend, customer and a very frequent popper into the shop. Paul was filling in Paulo, who is a regular rama gig attender, about the Moses Gate gig being sabotaged by your good selves and whilst doing so he showed him this thread on the shop's PC. Knowing Paulo myself I'm actually surprised he didn't drive straight down to Bristol to voice his displeasure in person so to speak, but instead he voiced his opinion on this thread - using the shop's PC, and again later that same day.

Hope that was slow enough. Bit of business advice; don't set up one up as a private eye. If you want any further evidence; DNA, mug shots, prints etc then please let me know. Now what was that about dirty washing? (Sigh...)

Re: Moses Gate Bolton

Do I take it that the Roxy Tribute convention's off?

Re: Moses Gate Bolton

Brilliant Timon :-)

To be honest I can't really see it taking off, the concept of such a convention attaches more importance to tribute bands than what they (we) actually deserve. Roxyrama do this for a bit of fun. Some middle aged blokes get their train sets out on a Saturday night for a kick but we set our gear up and belt out a few Roxy songs instead. It's a good laugh, so much so that we don't mind being constantly out of pocket doing it. It's not everyone's cup of tea but we don't frog march people to gigs, and now and again we do hear tales of people being converted to the band we pay tribute to.

Whatever one's thoughts are on it I've just seen more footage from Japan. God we're like big kids......

Re: Moses Gate Bolton

This seems very convenient... I think I will leave it to the intelligent members of this forum to decided for themselves.

Re: Moses Gate Bolton

Which begs the obvious question...

no forget it

Re: Moses Gate Bolton

Enough is enough guys....
This forum is for TGPT ( we all diversify into other areas associated with Roxy / Ferry, however....)
Enough Said .

Re: Moses Gate Bolton

Fair dinkum Brendan, point taken. My apologies.

Re: Moses Gate Bolton

no need to for apology, as a Roxy fan we all get carried away with the endless speculation regarding RM,that then filters into diverse subjects etc etc.. as I stated I haven't seen your band (yet, maybe one day I never say never...) I have seen 'Magic' & they are good, however this world is big enough for all, I wasn't critisising you or KH for airing views here.

You can't change what has happened, but you can change the way you think about it.

I actually think its good that there are some Roxy tributes on the scene, it keeps the tunes alive in these times of speculation ref: is RM finished for good?? etc etc, is that the last tour?? Another RM album ???

Good Luck to you & your band (& Good Luck to KH & his band) that seems like a fair departure note
Regards to all

Re:Well Said Brendan

Phew, I just read that whole thread in it's entirety and am totally stressed out! As many will have noticed over the years, I am one of the intelligent ones, referred to earlier, that has posted here(eh?) and I noticed instantly that that was a contrived and serious attempt between our Kevin and Fin to deliberately deflect attention away from this weekend's next "friendly" Celtic/Rangers cup final encounter up here. Nothing else. You done well lad's! I'll go see anyone or anybody that's Roxy influenced, especially the one, or all, that gives us "Serenade". Will never see Roxy Music play it live now. Anyway, it's Saturday so, I'm away to look out my train set for tonight and my crash helmet for the game on Sunday. Love to all, especially the boys at Roxy Magic and Roxyrama.

Re: Re:Well Said Brendan

Cheers Brendan and Gerry, level headed observations. Life's too short for such trivial feuds; my money's on Neil Lennon this Sunday by the way

Working out 'Serenade' as I type. What a song

Re: Re:Well Said Brendan

Fin, in what round? Serenade, I think, is one of the most underrated Roxy songs ever. Never seems to get a mention yet, when you do happen to mention it, nearly everyone say's yeah! Great song. For me it just throws all aspects of Roxy's musicianship and Ferry's (then) vocal range into one mix. Phil's Guitar and Paul's drumming in particular are awesome.
Curiously, when I was talking to Phil up here after the first of the Glasgow gig's, he told us told us to look out for something else in the set list the following evening. I mentioned Serenade and it was like a dissmissive "no". Maybe they just don't like playing it. You'd have to check John's set list thing to see what the "something else" was. It certainly wasn't from the earlier albums.

Cheers, Gerry.