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Ferry solo albums (inc question for Paul)

Hi all, this is my first post on this forum; I am a long time Roxy fan and just recently bought the BF albums 'in your mind' and 'let's stick together' on CD
(I previously had them on vinyl only). Listening to both again after such a long time it struck me just how good these albums actually are, particularly IYM (in my opinion anyway); some really strong songs on there and 'love me madly again' in particular very Roxy-esque. LST very good also and it was great to hear that version of 2HB again (I think it was the b-side to 'a hard rain's a gonna fall' single). I noticed in the sleeve notes that the guitar part in 'sea breezes' is credited to none other than David o'List. This is where the question for Paul comes in! Was that guitar part recorded when D o'L was originally with Roxy and then used later on this album or was he actually there in person? I hope you don't mind me asking, it's probably one of those things which could be filed under 'useless information' but never the less remain objects of curiosity for saddos' like me!
Cheers, Roy.

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