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Re: Ferry solo albums (inc question for Paul)

Am I in the minority who see In Your Mind as their least favourite BF album. (Note I say least favourite and not worse)

I feel that album could have been recorded by anyone whereas most BF original material outside Roxy has a sound to it that you know it was written/produced by Ferry. Take Bryan's voice off IYM and and you don't know it's a BF album. Take Bryan's voice off Boys & Girls, Bete Noire, Mamouna and even Taxi you still know it is a BF album.

I think the song writing on In Your Mind is more straigt forward in terms of chord structures etc and the arrangements are a bit session musicianish. There is no real experimentation except for say the pre intro to Rock Of Ages

Like I said it is my least favourite meaning I like it less than the other albums. I wish he would do This Is Tomorrow live while he has Spedding on this tour. Love Me Madly is the standout for me but Party Doll, All Night Operator and One Kiss do nothing for me. They are so 'unFerry'

I played Olympia for the first time in 2011 the other day and I only like about 3-4 songs. I enjoyed listening to it but it could be a while before I play it again but when I am ready to play it again I am sure I will enjoy it

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