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Re: US tour with BF !

Great news Paul. Thrilled!!

Re: US tour with BF !

Yes great news Paul - say hi to Jorja for me

Re: US tour with BF !

So very very pleased to hear this. It never seems right to me when BF uses drummers other than yourself. Congratulations Paul, enjoy.

Re: US tour with BF !

This is absolutely the best news of the year! I was on the fence about seeing this tour and came very close to not getting a ticket. What a wonderful surprise. Paul, I hope to see you in Chicago!

And Colette, just consider this as payback for the fact that we never got last year's Roxy tour over here.

Re: US tour with BF !

...and I have to call Mike Rabette as soon as I'm sure he's awake. We just spoke yesterday and he said he probably wouldn't be going because Paul wouldn't be there.

Re: US tour with BF !

Fantastic news, very happy for you Paul.

As good as AN & Tara are, it just doesn't sound the same without PT!

Is this a warm up for the next RM tour I wish!

Re: US tour with BF !

Hello Paul ! Great news !

Now that I know that you are on the tour, I will be at the San Francisco (Oakland) show for sure.

The show is a week before my birthday and I will ask
Jennifer to buy the tickets as my birthday present.

The Fox Theater is a Great venue and where I first saw Roxy in Jan. 76.

Thanks Pete for the heads up !

Paul, I look forward to seeing you.

All the best ! Mike Rabette

Re: US tour with BF !