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Please bring Roxy Music back to Australia (Melbourne)

Hi Paul,

Please come back to Melbourne, Australia and perform. I never got to see Roxy Music last time you were here which was an absolute shame. I think you guys are just fantastic and have gotten better with age (not that you are old of course lol). Just thought I would put it out there anyway and no harm in trying right?

Take care,


Re: Please bring Roxy Music back to Australia (Melbourne)

No harm at all. We all wish for the same - not necessarily for Melbourne but for them to play some shows - somewhere.

I think your asking the wrong person, Bryan is the chap to ask. It would be mostly down to him? Dunno how keen Andy would be? Hopefully Paul & Phil would be very keen I think.

Paul said on here at the end of the last tour that he didn't know if there would ever be anymore RM shows? Depends how you look at it?? I just hope that someone decides to try and get it all on the road again, just to play the songs. From what I've read in the past I think Phil is quite instrumental at pulling them all together (and Paul of course) but I don't think Bryan seemed as happy on the last tour as he did say in 2001. Although he did a great job with the visuals playing behind the band.

Fingers crossed, you never know.

Re: Please bring Roxy Music back to Australia (Melbourne)

No harm in trying, that`s correct. Presently it looks as if Bryan is more willing to do corporate gigs than caring for the "baby". Who knows for how long these(?) luxury editions of the Roxy albums are gonna last? If they`re gonna push it further on, we`re in for the big sleep...

...and how about throwing in the U.S while you're at it!

I'm really kicking myself for not flying across the pond to see Roxy one last time. Every time I see them I always think it's the last time. Unfortunately for us in the states, I think our last time was nine years ago in 2003.

Re: ...and how about throwing in the U.S while you're at it!

Tours/touring is where the money is nowadays so never say never. RM are still a bigger draw than BF (I think)?

It's difficult to see what Bryan will record next really as Olympia wasn't such a great commercial success. If fact maybe the Dylan thing beat it in terms of sales - I don't know? He will record something though.

There is always the unfinished catalogue to finish I suppose, including the unfinished RM project. Either would spawn a tour, not that Bryan's last tour had much to do with Olympia?

Lets just hope they get together again.

Re: ...and how about throwing in the U.S while you're at it!


Anywhere, I'll go there!