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has anybody besides me call the front desk and get anything except an answering machine that says we will call you back!! i only get someone on the phone about one out of five times if i'm lucky. my opinion is that this is bad for business

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Maybe they have caller ID....

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That was helpful. Thank you for your valuable input.

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this website is becoming a joke!!!!

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Good point!!

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Well, maybe you are right, is it worth the time and money to hang on to a few
unhappy owners complaining about the web site(perhaps they are not owners?)and waist time and money to try to improve broken tracks, when we are paying Millions for some kind of management services with a minimal count of effeciency without actual oversight except on Fridays.
I know from the years gone by, that we hardly hear from anyone that we expected to be in charge, when they now seem to not even answer the phones.

These are tight times allover the land, where our actual entire middle class has been wiped out by the few who managed to reach out with few survivors from Wall street that now owns 80% of the concentrated fortunes snapped up by vicious bankers and wall street money gamblers, all on paper, that sold Mortgages by "Mortgage Bond Traders" now going out of control by selling the same mortgages over and over again. Som reporters know they actually sold between 40 and 80 times over and over gain, running as one liners by small laptop type computers.

I am surprised we are cought up in a newer and still costlier contract to keep a few people to answer the phones. Some tell me they are now only parttimers and get the same old pay. We are paying more than before for yard work, and did anyone ever get down to what we are paying for the Friday cleaners?

What are we paying for using our pool, and what are paying up front to owners of our office facilities which we also are paying rental for at the same time?
Has that been looked into?

Are we still paying commissions on top of pay to maintain repairs and upkeeps? What does it cost us to have a light bulb replaced.

I know our boards do not have time to look into work procedures and the daily run of the Resort?
Who checks up on our rentals and sales in our front office on a daily bases, I have so many complaints about outrageous fees charged in these areas.

Why not pay a top grade fee to an experienced Resort manager, that can keep
track of all this for us, be present and give us some answers?

We are still the owners and have a lot of property to show for it.

With lots of hopes for a better tone amongst us, stay without censorship and codes, hoping for a class of owners that can help us all to a better group with true understanding of what is going on, and provide new procedures to
use funds effeciently without waist, such as sending tons of money to Orlando with no address label!