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Use the website database for listing purposes.

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Re: Looking for week 12 or 13

Dear Allison,
This is too precious a space for individuals to look for specific weeks needed. We do not have the space in our Forum for this personel service. There are no ways to coordinate this since it is an unmanned area, and was realy created for all owners to communicate with eachother on our website about specific items regarding the Resort.
Forum is free to the owners and we are 3500 (plus/minus) owners of our 2 bedroom units at Casa Ybel. Each owner has a specific deeded 2 bedroom unit in one or more of our 6 Buildings, F-G-H-I-J-K.
All deeds are stored and registreret in the Lee County Courthouse
Each owner has a specific unit during a specific week of the year.
Please go to other parts of this web site for rental or sales: Which is free for use by all gusts.

This website already covers a full year of listings, mostly multiple choices for each week of the year, all listed without requirements for contract or
commissions to the owners, which would be around 35% to 40% of the rental income,if rented by professional Realtors. all you have to do is to contact the unit owner, phone and e-mail is provided. Do your own thing.
We also invite visitors to use Every visitor to the site can rent from any owner, if they agree on one thing: Take good care of the high quality vacation facilities provided at Casa Ybel, maintained by Hilton Grand Vacation's high standards by Hilton personell.

We are very pleased with the appreciations shown by our owners to the site.
It sort of makes everything easy and affordable.