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Re: Pool

Close Carl but this is how it goes....

A funny bird the Pelican, his beak can hold more than his belly can, but I don't see how the hell he can.

My grandmother from Clearwater taught me that rhyme when I was 5 years young.


Robert Becker,

If what you write is accurate and true, and you can prove it beyond any reasonable doubt, hire an attorney.

Re: Pool

Closer, Petey, but still not there. This ditty is actually a limerick and, as such, needs a couple more lines. There are a few variations, but this is the one I knew of:

A funny old bird is a pelican.
His beak can hold more than his bellican.
Food for a week
He can hold in his beak,
But I don't know how the hellican.

Re: Pool

Well done George. Brings back great memories of my grandmother from Clearwater.

Re: Pool

Speaking about Limericks:

There was a young Lady in Chislets,
Who birthed a set of Triplets.
she named them Nick, Pat, and Tat.
They were fun in the breading,
but hell in the feeding,
when she found she had no Tit for Tat.

Orig.told by my old dear Aunt Kate (Otley) in Philadelfia in the 1950's.
A dear aunt I shared with Grace Kelly! (Jack Kelly and Jess Otley were partners in a Brick Construction Company "Kelly for Brickwork"). The same Aunt Kate introduced us to CASA YBEL in 1969, when they invited my wife and I, and our 3 year daughter Katrina to share shell collecting for a week in old "Casa Ybel" (Cabins on stilts) with parking space for a plane or car. The landing strip was on the other side of the road.
Aunt Kate had her large private Shell Museum in Narberth. Pa, and was helped by the curator of Shells in a large Museum in Philadelfia. Dr Abbot,
I think it was, wrote some of our best Shell books, and worked upstairs in Sanibel's Bailey Shell Museum for some time before he passed away a few years later. We met him there a couple of times, he also worked as judge in many Sanibel Shell Weeks!
Sorry, but that Lemerick got me started and reminded me of our original connecion to Sanibel, at old Casa Ybel in 1969.(43 years ago), my Pelican Limerick was from that time also, thanks for the upgrade.
somewhere I have old photos and 8mm movies from our stay!

Carl James Appelberg

Re: Pool

Limericks only have 5 lines but it is a nice poem

Re: Pool

Correct. Just replace the second and third lines with "Who had triplets named Nick, Pat, and Tat", and whatever one syllable names you want in lieu of "Nick" or "Pat", if desired.

This forum is getting quite highbrow.

Re: Pool

My Dearest Pete
After reviewing my original post I fail to find a request for advice. I simply answered the previous poster who questioned wether the pool was indeed closed. I did however commit the horrendous act of expressing my disappointment that the pool was closed and that it is not the first time this has happened during my years of ownership. Being the good steward of Sanibel,more specifically Casa Ybel,that you apparently,are surely you must be aware that most major renovations occur during these weeks. Pardon my lack of enthusiasm for these activities. The observation that we pay at the same level as those who have never enjoyed the pounding of hammers etc that we have was simply that,an observation. As for the ability to use another resorts ammenities.I am not a fan. Been there,done that and felt as welcome as a leper at a MaryKay convention! Sorry if this discussion has ruffled your feathers my friend.

Re: Pool

Just got home from our week 37. The weather was great. There is plenty of free beach furniture for everyone. The resort made arrangements for use of pools within walking distance at properties on both sides of Casaybel and from what I saw being done to the pool, it is beautiful. At this weeks morning coffee meeting we recalled the pool was closed over 7 years ago, seems like yesterday. There was a lot of work going on to our buildings as well, but all in all with very little interruption. The island is quiet, lots of closed restaurants. We felt like we had Sanibel all to ourselves. Next year won't come soon enough.

Re: Pool

ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! Please ignore any posts from Pelican Pete. He is simply a JACKASS with nothing better to do than stir the pot. He has no vested interest in Casa Ybel. I doubt he's even been to Sanibel.

Re: Pool

Ouch Joe.....but you are corect about one thing - why would I come to Casa Ybel when the pool is closed? The waddle to the Cottages is too far.

Jim and Johnson - keep up the insightful replies! This is a tough group to educate.

Re: Pool

I responded to the pool comment a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason my comment were removed. The short version is that these repares were essential to maintaining our 5 star status. The maintenance weeks are the weeks of lowest occupancy and also not popular weeks to visit Sanibel.
It is my understanding that the pool work will be completed this Friday Sept 28 and similiar repairs will not be required for many years.
I am very proud of our resort and I sincerely beleive that Casa Ybel is the best resort on the Island and that we are should do what ever is necessary to maintain our standing

Lynn L Perkins, President FGH

Re: Pool/maintenance weeks

Whe I asked about the constant disruption during the 38th week, I was told at an owner's meeting I was told that my contract clearly states that this is a maintenance week and I was told so at the time of purchase. There is no contractual statement as to this issue and I know for a fact that i had not been told. It is almost a joke the number of times I have either been barred from my unit because of repairs or had the pool made unavailable during my week. I paid full price for the unit and it is totally unfair that certain weeks always disrupted by repairs.