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Re: Bonfires

I dont knoqw if they will be very open to bonfire cause the last time i did one i set up some fireworks in the log stack thinking thet would blow ou the top but they must have turned over or something and blew the logs down! Would not ave been so bad but the cop emptied his shotgun into the fire then the rest of the fireworks went off and he called for help hadthe whole polce force there anyway wont hurt to try

Re: Bonfires

That means both of them came?

Sounds like the prep. of a great party, any dates set yet?
Lets get a party for Forum to!
James Appelberg

Re: Bonfires

I have tried several time to make a suitable response to your e-mail. I'm having a lot of problems staying on line. My simple advice is DON'T start a fire on the beach without calling policd. There is a 99.9% that they will tell you "don't do it".