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Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

We have been Casa Ybel timeshare owners for over 20 years. We are one unit away from The Thistle Lodge and inevitably every year we are taken over by weddings. This year there are three. We have to close our doors to block out the music. We pay over $800 a year in maintenance and taxes and have no say in this. I find it incredulous, an invasion of our privacy and nothing can be done?? I hope that we are not the only owners that have the same issue with no resolve.

Needing support and feedback,
Linda & John

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

U should open your doors and enjoy the music and be glad U are at casa

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

That is not a very helpful reply, Jones.

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

I agree with John, and with Paul. It does seem unfair for someone’s vacation week to be hijacked by a boisterous wedding reception. We are at the other end of Building H, and the noise and disruption can be pretty bad for us. We are at Casa Ybel for two weeks starting Friday.

Lynn, can anything be done? Is this issue ever discussed in the Board meetings? There have been quite a few complaints over the years.

Jones, sometimes it’s best to just remain silent and let people wonder about your intelligence, rather than speak out and remove all doubt.

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings


You are too stupid to insult.

For the one thousandth time, we have NO control over Thistle Lodge.

If you don't like it, rent the place out for two weeks.

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

Setting aside your insult attempts, Mr. Brother, the fact is, we live in a democracy, and as such, we are conditioned to seek relief from situations that are unacceptable (to various degrees) to us. Mr. Agar was simply beginning this process. It is not true that we have NO control over the Thistle Lodge, any more than you have no control over the activities of your neighbor. This control is limited, but finite. Just from your postings (I mean your brother’s), I don’t believe you are as passive as you are trying to come off as when something truly irritates you or seems unfair. Further, there have been many complaints in the past in this forum about the wedding receptions, and since this forum represents a small percentage of the Casa Ybel ownership, I would guess that the perceived problem is quite pervasive. It is less an issue for owners in Buildings K and F than for those of us in Building H, where the receptions are nearly right out our door.

I agreed with Paul Greek’s observation that your comment was not helpful (it was actually idiotic), and asked Lynn Perkins if there had been any Board discussion on the matter. I, too, would like some type of mitigation action.

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

Ihave neverunderstood the problem with there being weddings at casa i own in bldg h and when there is a wedding i do as i suggested john do open the doors enjoy the music and live! I dont think living in a democracy gives you any control over your neighbor as long he is not harming you. By the way i do not have any problem lettihg my intelligence and right thinking be seen or heard. I also agree if you want everything done your way you should buy an island and live by yourself.

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

Come on George, you are kidding yourself but not us.

I know your kind all too well - you don't want democracy, you want control. I would bet you voted for Obama and your neighbors think you are a pain-in-the-ass.

My children enjoy the weddings and receptions at Casa Ybel and Thistle Lodge, so much, that they are discussing having their weddings at Casa Ybel some day. My wife and I love the music, dancing, and all round fun and excitement receptions bring. There is nothing better than witnessing friends and family enjoying each others’ company during such a momentous occasion.

Quit being an ole fuddy-duddy and get with the program. Life is fun. Weddings are fun. Music is good for the soul. Lighten up Scrooge and Have a Merry Christmas

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

We live in H building week 49. The weddings don't bother us, they don't happen every year we come. We like watching weddings from our Sanibel porch compared to freezing on our MN porch. All in all Casaybel is still the most relaxing week of MY year.

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

Nice segue into politics, JOB. You are perceptive. I do wish you had worked on political strategy for the Obama team.

We can sit here and spit insults back and forth, but the point I was making, evidently missed by you and your brothers, is that, since there have been many complaints in the past, there should be some discussion of the issue by the board. I don’t see why that observation warrants the extrapolative and personal comments by you.

BTW, my nearest neighbor is over ¼ mile from my house, and seems to like me.

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

George, you make a valid suggestion. After reading your post of the "many" wedding complaints, I decided to survey this online forum and noticed the last wedding complaint was posted in December 2008 by the same person. Are weddings really the problem?

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

Not the weddings, per se, as they are usually quite short, but many of the receptions. I have witnessed, in my 32 years here, receptions that were quite unobtrusive and others that were very loud and, to me, annoying. There was discussion just a few months ago, July through October.

I am now at Casa Ybel for a couple of weeks, and will see what the wedding and reception situation is like. I think there was one last night, but the reception wasn't evident and was likely inside.

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

Jones Family,

How about a hell-raising reception this time next year at Casa Ybel when cousins Elroy and Elma Sue marry? We'll invite the entire clan from Arkansas AND Louisiana down - shot guns and all.

George, you’re invited too.

Yee ha and Merry Christmas to all.