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Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

George, you make a valid suggestion. After reading your post of the "many" wedding complaints, I decided to survey this online forum and noticed the last wedding complaint was posted in December 2008 by the same person. Are weddings really the problem?

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

Not the weddings, per se, as they are usually quite short, but many of the receptions. I have witnessed, in my 32 years here, receptions that were quite unobtrusive and others that were very loud and, to me, annoying. There was discussion just a few months ago, July through October.

I am now at Casa Ybel for a couple of weeks, and will see what the wedding and reception situation is like. I think there was one last night, but the reception wasn't evident and was likely inside.

Concerns re: Casa Ybel And weddings

Jones Family,

How about a hell-raising reception this time next year at Casa Ybel when cousins Elroy and Elma Sue marry? We'll invite the entire clan from Arkansas AND Louisiana down - shot guns and all.

George, you’re invited too.

Yee ha and Merry Christmas to all.