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Re: Elevators, what about 1 at middle of F, G, and H each?

I have restrained from discussing and responding to the correspondence until now. Our Board has discussed these issues and if we were a "true timeshare", not an interval ownership, the matter would be much easier to resolve. BUT you have to remember that every unit is owned by an individual or family and that are entitled to occupy that unit every year. The construction of our units would make it necessary to have 2 elevators in F and H and three in G. Then you have the matter of security of the individual units. The only way I can think of to provide that security, would be having separate keys to operate the elevator for the different units,, but them what would we do about the bedrooms in the even numbered units.

The Cottages have an elevator in one building, but its construction is such that security is not a problem. It is sad that we can't provide for every owner is securely enter their own unit without climbing stairs, but the developers didn't have that forsight 34 years ago. My wife will not be able to travel to Sanibel with me this year for the first time we occupied our first unit, which was week 17 of 1980 and it is very depressing and sad to think of being there alone during week 16, but I may be able to convince my middle daughter to go down that week. My oldest daughter, who is an attorney who specializes in labor law, representing employers and presenting seminars for companies in how to hire and fire people, avoid all of the various purported discrimated has completely gone crazy and is traveling to Bhutan in April to go on a 10 day trek through the Himalayas with a guide, another female attorney and a yak to carry their stuff. She and her husband in the last 3 or 4 years have taken long bicycle tours in New Zealand, so they may never learn.

Hope I haven't bored you too much!!!

Lynn L Perkins, President FGH.

Re: Elevators, what about 1 at middle of F, G, and H each?

Lynn it would have been better if u had left this dog alone and let it sleep. U are right elevators are not practical in our buildings. I am sorry your wife can not travel i seem to recall that she had an accident several years ago while at casa.

Re: Elevators, what about 1 at middle of F, G, and H each?

Lynn please let your wife know i asked about her. As far as ur kids remember " we get to soon old and to late smart "

Re: Elevators, what about 1 at middle of F, G, and H each?

In theory, elevators are a good idea, and it is good that the subject has been raised. However, the nature of the construction of our resort is that this would just not be practical.

For those finding it difficult to carry luggage up the stairs, you can always ask the front desk for a porter to help.

PS. Lynn - what is the difference between Timeshare and Interval Ownership? I thought it was just two different names for the same thing.

Re: Elevators, what about 1 at middle of F, G, and H each?

Paul: The names are often confused. In a timeshare, you don't occupy the same unit each year and most timeshares are using "flex weeks" where you state your preference for a week about a year in advance. Hilton managed Hurricane House offers interval owership for weeks 1 through 16 and the rest of the units are flex weeks.

I hope thiis answers your question.