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Meaning full dialogue

We are owners for weeks 39 and 40 and would appreciate information regarding the affect of the fresh water dump on the Sanibel beach.
Secondly, how are the "noseeums"?
Would like to feed the interlopers to the bugs!

Steve Whittaker

Re: Meaning full dialogue

We have put the no-see-ems on notice that you & Terri are on the way! They are preparing for a feast.

Re: Meaning full dialogue

update to my original that we're here...

the noseeumms are in full force... and the freshwater dump into the gulf has caused the beautiful waters to become a lovely shade of brown...but the saline pool is beautiful the sunrises and sunsets are as majestic as ever... so pack your skin so soft spray up before you head out

Re: Meaning full dialogue

I am surprised to hear that the noseeums are still out in force at this time of the year - I thought it was only in summer. What time of the ear is good to go to CYB when there aren't any noseeums, or when they are at their lowest.

It puts you off going when you know you are going to get chewed up by those bugs.

Re: Meaning full dialogue

I have vacationed here for years at Christmas and there are not any of these lovely insects. This is my first time in the Fall and the sunrise is beautiful, the days are beautiful, but it is now 7:30 PM and I am a prisoner of my unit, due to these pests. (We like to play night time bocce and can not do this.) I am told that these insects disappear in mid-November!

Re: Meaning full dialogue

Consider yourself lucky. We, too, are Christmas visitors, and there have been years when they have been plentiful. I often go home with several welts. A good cold snap knocks out the noseeum population for a few weeks, and, in many years, one hits in early/mid December, making our 2 week stay fairly bug free. But, not always. In the years they are around, they are plentiful on the beach and at the refuge near dawn and dusk,

Deet works, somewhat, but you really need a broad spectrum fly repellant.