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Casa Ybel

Just got back from our week at Casa Ybel. Love the new furniture, even though it was not all in the units yet, hated the large population of no seem's this year! The new barbecue grills look great, but we did not get time to try them out. Lots of weddings on the beach, 6 out of 7 nights we were there and 2 on Sunday.

Re: Casa Ybel

Thanks for the feedback, Karen.

Did you get disturbed by all those weddings?

I thought the no-seeum season was finished by November. Did you find out why there were so many about?

Re: Casa Ybel

Sorry, but I have not been on the web site for awhile. No, we were not bothered by any of the weddings. Most of them were small and very low key. One of them was just the bride, groom, minister, and photographer. They were all fun to watch and the dresses were all beautiful. As for the sand fleas, most of the Caribbean was complaining about them this year. Visitors who had been to the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Belize were online looking for ways to help with the itching or how to prevent being biting when they went there. I wish they could come up with a good answer to sand fleas! We bought some stuff called No No see um from a store in the complex were Jerry's grocery store is that has worked the best yet. It is in a small bottle with a spray top and smells like lemon grass. You have to spray frequently, but you do with ever thing else too.