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Re: 2014 Dues.

I have read with interest this rant. I own summer weeks in FGH so fhese figures will not apply to all. First the only difference between weeks is for tax as florida law mandatea that operating fees and reserves be the same for each week. Ihave looked at my bills for the last 5 years and find a total increaseof $212 over that time period. This is an increase of 26.4% over 5 years not 1 year. it is true that the total increase this year is$102 which is 11.15% over last year. The largest increase was in reserves they increased $74 the operating fee increased $18 and the tax was up by $11. I took the time to do this just to have some sense in this post. Hope all have agreat Christmas remember that the reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Re: 2014 Dues.

In another 5 or 10 years, it may be more economical to rent than own!

If so, the value (the price at which we can sell) will decline - think about it and just wait and see what happens when inflation hits - and it will big time!

I will probably be selling my weeks soon.

Re: 2014 Dues.

I'm glad I'm not the only one stunned at the steep increases in annual fees for Casa Y Bel. I've owned for almost 20 years, and my fees are equal with the rental fee I receive, when I rent it thru this website. I've long been unhappy with managements treatment of owners and lack of accountability to us for many things. Not the least of which was they way the slide was handled, closed down with absolutely no notice.

I have become so disillusioned with what I always considered the most wonderful place to vacation, and my first choice of where to vacation. Let me just add that I am a local that grew up in Fort Myers as did my husband. I've been going to Casa Y Bel since it opened, got married there 30 some years ago befor it was popular and owned for almost 20 years. I just no longer feel welcome, respected or that there is any value as an owner under Hilton. I don't use there hotels anymore either. I am finally listing my unit.

Re: 2014 Dues.

Well it's amazing to me that someone who hasowned for so long still does not understand that hilton had nothing to do with the slide removal. Hilton has never owned the pool or slide. The pool is owned by the partners who own the resort property it was theirdecision to remove the slide. The reason given at the time was cost of insurance

Re: 2014 Dues.

Dear Owner

Thank you for clarifying the breakdown for this year. Regarding the increase over the years, my records only go back to 2010, and in that 4 year period, the increase is £211.97. This equates to an increase of nearly 26%, or an average of 6.5% per year, which is well above inflation. Therefore, I still do not see how these increases can be justified.

You mentioned that the reserves had increased this year by £74! I cannot understand why they need to be increased by such a large amount.

I look forward to receiving an explanation from somebody who is responsible for setting the level of maintenance fees.