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The real issue on 2014 Dues is the 60% increase in Reserve Contribution

I'm owner of FHG Week 26 and have been an owner since pre-construction in 1979. I, like most of you, have noticed the 60% increase in reserve contribution for 2014.

You may wonder why my % differs from what others have said. When looking a at multiple line item budget, standard business practices seem to be to compare individual line items and to compare them year-over-year. When comparing the overall budget alone, large category increases get lost in the lack of detail.

As you consider how I'm looking at this, you may want to compare it to our Utility expenses. If they had gone up 60% in one year (which they have NOT - only an example), we would want to consider that number individually (perhaps even the type of utility cost) so that we could consider any efficiency upgrades that would be financially worthwhile. However, if this 60% increase is only considered as a part of the total annual amount we pay, it gets lost in the lack of detail. We would be far less likely to catch the strength of the problem.

I'm surprised by this degree of increase. I'm guessing it may be the largest we've had. I've asked our association president to provide some of the rationale and detail behind the increase. He's been recovering from surgery, but will get back to me this week. I'll share what I learn.

Re: The real issue on 2014 Dues is the 60% increase in Reserve Contribution

David i am looking at the bills for 2013 mybill for reserves was180 this year it is254 or an increase of 74 or41% even so U are right it is a much larger increase than in most years. The total increase over 5 years was only 103 or 68%. Thereserve fee in 2010 was 151. You don't have to talk to the pres any board member or Chris Cain should be able to explain tne fee.

Re: The real issue on 2014 Dues is the 60% increase in Reserve Contribution

I was going through some old paperwork and came across the association dues statement for 1983. I have owned in Building I, pre-contruction, since 1981. The statement was much more itemized as compared to today. The grand total, excluding real estate tax, came to a whopping $285. So it has doubled and redoubled over the last 30 years. Not terribly surprising since just about everything else has as well. I paid the astounding sum of $12,350 for my upper unit in building I, week 14. Seemed like a lot at the time, but the memories over the years made it all worthwhile. My kids grew up always going to Sanibel in the Spring and now the tradition continues with my grandkids. It was always a magical vacation and remains so today.