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Cheap Furnishings in FGH

I was shocked when I walked into my unit and saw the new furnishings. I'm an original owner, having purchased from a shell in 1979. The decor by the original developer Mariner Properties, was outstanding. It seems to have gone steadily downhill ever since.
I could not believe the "cheapass" (excuse the expression)oval dining table, and cocktail tables, both with very cheap looking fake wood tops. This is supposed to be a "World Class Resort."
I'm very dissapointed in our Board of Directors, that they would allow this to happen. Knowing that they are all owners, I can't understand their thinking.

Re: Cheap Furnishings in FGH

Let me guess, the same individual (designer) or board that allowed the lousy couches?

What a travesty, particularly on the heels of the ridiculous increase in dues associated with future refurbishment.

Vote every incumbent board member out in April!

Re: Cheap Furnishings in FGH

I agree the furnishing have really gone down hill. These units used to be beautiful. If a Interior Designer choose these, they need to get out of the profession. The coffee tables are a laugh.
I don't like to complain, because we are on vacation but what a dissapointment.
Young kids are still peeing in hot tub so stay away from there.
Towel boys are still giving out free towels to anyone who comes to the towel station. We witnessed this several times.
But all in all we LOVE Casa Ybel and had a great time.

Re: Cheap Furnishings in FGH

We are at Casa now and I must disagree with the comments about the furnishings. Although they not the type you may find in a Ritz Carlton, they are fine for an upscale resort such as ours. The coffee table in front of the sofa is now 2 square ones that can be put together to make one larger one. The main problem with the kitchen table and the others is that other than the tops, the rest is painted white. the look is fine, but they will mark up easily. I've already noticed some marks.

The sofa and chair is very nice and a much needed upgrade from the last debacle. I wonder why the other chair was not replaced as the arms are showing much wear.

As far as the pool towels, we were at the pool yesterday and did not notice free towels being handed out (that was the last thing we were looking for). I did notice that there was security on the grounds. I stopped to talk to him for a couple of minutes and he said he was there to keep interlopers away. We've owned for 15 years and have never seen security during week 1. I was happy to see it as we had cash stolen last year.

All in all, the grounds and units are in great shape and I'm not home where the temps will be below 0 for the next couple of days.

Re: Cheap Furnishings in FGH

Tom, I wasn't there specifically looking for the pool boys to give out towels, just saw people walk up and not give a card or anything and they were given towels (some from the parking lot). I am not there to look for something wrong as I am on vacation enjoying the sun.

Re: Cheap Furnishings in FGH

I won't even see the new furniture until June, so I'm trying to reserve judgment (though the photos on the front of the Winter newsletter did not exactly thrill me--maybe things didn't photograph as well as they might?)--but what I just can't understand is why we went to a dining room table that only seats 4! There are 5 of us in our family, and two kids are now teenagers...though we eat out a lot we definitely like to have some family meals together in the looks a little small for all of us to sit together, even with a pulled up chair. Not sure why this was done, for units that can sleep 6...sigh. But I'm STILL looking forward to our wonderful vacation...there's no place like Sanibel!

Re: Cheap Furnishings in FGH

I would like to know from somebody that has been there since the new furnishings, if there are six chairs for the dinner table?

Re: Cheap Furnishings in FGH

There were 5 chairs for the table, and an identical one for the desk, making 6 total. They all fit OK around the table, but the table functionality was compromised primarily because it was quite narrow. Also, the table legs interfered with legroom for those sitting at the table sides. The setup was somewhat clumsy, but really not all that bad.

I believe the chairs were holdovers while the table was new, but new furniture was being introduced (building G) as we left on January 3.

Re: Cheap Furnishings in FGH


We are original owners of G213 week 9 and were disappointed with the choice of furniture. Granted I have not seen it yet and unfortunately due to other commitments we will not be able to use our unit this year. I did not like the furniture that this replaced but I understood that after Charley, the important thing was to get back open and at times you have to take what you can get. High praise to those who were able to get CY back open.
The past several years we have extended our CY vacation by staying in the "hotel" units A-E at the west end of CY. The furniture and fitment there is great and reminds me of the original CY. There is light bamboo/rattan furniture with subtle tropical upholstery. The photos on the wall are of old Sanibel and give a real sense of place – you know you’re somewhere special. All this seems to be lost in the recent renovation decisions in FGH.
I have served on art selection committees and know what a thankless job that is and so I can appreciate the difficulty the board faces - trying to please everyone can lead to a blandness that borders on bleak. I don't know how these decisions are made and I guess that if I complain, I should at least try to understand this:
-How are design decisions made? I assume there is a charter. Is this available online?
-What did we pay for the furniture? Is there a breakdown on what we paid for specific items such as chairs, tables, sofas?
-Did we use an interior decorator? Who was that and what did it cost? Are there bids?
Casa Ybel is one of the greatest locations in the world. Anyone who comes here and walks out the door is going to be blown away. We need to make sure they are blown away before they walk out the door.

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Edwards – 213G Week 9