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Hot Tub Use / Abuse By Children

As a many year owner, I am looking forward to vacation
this year at Casa Ybel.

But I must say, as others have mentioned, the Hot Tub every year
remains a terrible issue. It is disgusting.

Each year there have been children, really young children,
I believe even 2 year olds, in the hot tub.

Each year we are told the same thing, it is hard to control.

But that means adults, like myself and family, then do not use
the hot tub. Which is quite unfair. Abuse of some makes an unpleasant
situation and takes away from others.

I hope there is some control this year.

I hope everyone here will join me in stating to the Management
that owners should not have to patrol the hot tub, it is our vacation,
it is the management obligation.

I am not saying I am better than management or this is beneath me.
I am saying this issue is a management issue and owners should not
have to address this each year while on vacation.

Yes it is unpleasant to have to go tell someone to remove their child.

But if there is a firm policy it would not happen, so after removing the
first few they will know it is not accepted.

Thank you for your consideration.


Re: Hot Tub Use / Abuse By Children

Erik it is aparent issue adults that is the childrens parents should be handling the problem

Re: Hot Tub Use / Abuse By Children


I bought the unit as I desired to play tennis
I am not a pool person, I desired to play tennis
shower, and then come relax in a hot tub.

I probably would not have bought if there was no access
to a hot tub.

Now I come to relax in the hot tub accompanied by
4 and 6 year olds that jump into the pool then into
the hot tub and back into the pool and into the hot tub.

We all know what happens to a 6 year olds bladder when they
go from cold to hot water.

I do not want to sit in a hot tub of urine.

So now I do not use the hot tub that I paid for
and pay for in my maintenance.

This is a management issue and the management should take
care of it.

I do not paint the kitchen, I do not cut the grass, and I should
not patrol the hot tub. Management is paid to do this, if they
cannot, they should be substituted.

. I should not have to complain each day. And I should
not have to think about it.


Keeping those under 12 is a health issue, is simple, common courtesy. This is an issue of respect. If they want to use the kiddie pool so be it, that is why it is there.

. A day pass does not mean you can do whatever you like.