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well, iI just got back from a wonderful ten days at Casa. couldn't you just love that place!! Everything was great except for the front desk. There was a large group of people at and in the pool drinking from bottles cups and glasses. they were in the pool with all of them, and at one time I counted over thirty bottles cans and cups sitting on the edge of the pool. I called the front desk and they said they would contact the employees at the pool to take care of the problem. well, i sat there and watched for a long time and no one ever talked to the people in the pool. Latter that day I complained again and they said they would send someone down there. well, I again whaited and someone did come and began picking up bottles cans cups and garbage for fifteen minutes and never talked to the people in the pool. Three other owners that I talked to also said the called the front desk and got no response. I don't understand why the front desk won't do anything.?? If one of those glasses breaks and ends up in the pool or on the outside I'm sure cleanup would be very difficult. Why the front desk will not respond is what irritates me the most. They say they will take care of the problem then do nothing!!??

Re: pool

I hope some of the board members will read this and respond as to what they think about this problem and why the front desk will not do anything

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Why didn't you speak with the offenders and ask them to throw away the bottles and cans and to obey the rules?

I would suggest taking on some responsibility before complaining to the front desk and board.

And, why in the world would you ask the front desk twice? Its like you were hoping they wouldn't respond so you could complain...

Re: pool

I have in the past told people this, and I have in the past told interlopers that I would turn them in to front desk if they didn't leave. I now have decided that this is not my job!!I pay the resort enough as I own seven wks.Do you really think this should be my job??w3fj

Re: pool

I agree with Gary. It is the resort's role to regulate improper use of the pool and facilities, and to keep the resort both safe and peaceful for the enjoyment of the owners. It is not for individual owners to have to get stressed out by raising these issues with offending owners, which could result in unplesentness and spoil their holiday.

Gary did the correct thing in reporting the matter to the front desk, and chasing them up again when they did not respond.

If offenders are not told that their behaviour is wrong, they will assume it is acceptable and continue doing it - to the detrement of other users.

Re: pool

Forget the pool and interlopers and head to the beach.

No finer beach on this planet, so why waste time at a man-made pool getting your angst up.

Re: pool

It's not worth your trouble. Been coming here for 25 years and still see the bottles,cans, interlopers and dodge footballs,frisbees and other objects in the pool, ten people in a unit etc. Go to the beach and just veg there. You will notice the interlopers come off the beach and go potty then jump in the pool and leave but don't bother saying anything.Go to South Seas if you you want more constraints. They run a tight ship there. Out.