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Re: interlopers

Well that is a good start. I would like to see this security continue, which would be beneficial for the owners.

Re: interlopers

Hey Terry,
Don't count on it. Been coming here for 25 years and the so have the interlopers. Most know and hand down how to scam the amenities from generation to generation. I just try to ignore it now because not much is really ever done. Take a look at Trip Advisor for Coconut's and the interlopers giving reviews will tell exactly how to take advantage of the resort. Pathetic.

Re: interlopers

This seemed like a great idea
How did things work out
Were there many people stopped/turned away on the long weekend
Hope it worked and eliminated most if not all of the issues

Re: interlopers

The security guard stopped several groups from unloading and/or going to the beach or pool. Seems that this was a reasonable way to try to control the problem. Looks like the boards could use the idea of hiring extra security on holidays but there were still interlopers during the week after. The only real
answer is to post a guard at the bridge full time during the day every day and add the cost to the yearly budget. I wonder if everyone would vote for this increase in annual dues to solve the problem of interlopers when it only seems to matter on holidays when the pool is crowded by these people.