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Re: So called service dog at pool

I thought rafts weren't allowed in the pool. The dog should have been in the hot tub with all the little kids. Just my opinion!😂

Re: So called service dog at pool


Had the dog gone in the hot tub, it thus would be a "hot dog" and belong on the menu at coconuts!!!!

God I love this website. You can't make this $hit up.

Re: So called service dog at pool

Jamie - you are too picky in your response to my comments.

Firstly, it does not matter whether or not the dog was on a raft. The point is, it should not have been in the pool.

Secondly, ocean, sea, gulf or whatever. The dog could have swum in the sea if the owner wanted it to go in the water, instead of polluting our pool.

Re: So called service dog at pool


Were you there - I think NOT. No evidence the dog "polluted" the pool - whatever that means. Heck, I'd rather swim with dogs than most humans!

Re: So called service dog at pool

This is one ******* woman (or man?).

Re: So called service dog at pool

******** - sagaciousness? perspicuousness? incisiveness?

For heaven sake, which one is it George?

Re: So called service dog at pool


Wasn\'t me that censored it. If again censored, it\'s an adjective describing a cactus or someone who is easily piqued/offended/irritated by exogenous events. As you might guess, I\'m not impressed with your command of vocabulary. Male or female?

After this repartee, we can move to the gist of the original post, i. e. the dog and its “master”.

Re: So called service dog at pool

Hot Dog!!!! This is getting good. Could someone get me some chili for my dawg? Who gives a rats a$$ about the dog? How often has this happened in the past? Is this really worth arguing over? There are people being be-headed in Syria and all you care about is some dog getting a good tan. You all should be embarrassed!!!!!

Re: So called service dog at pool

OK, Tom2, thank you for your usual erudite input. Consider me chastened. Let’s summarize: first you want us to shoot the dog, then the lady, then throw the dog in the hot tub and have a hot dog (that was cute), then be embarrassed, and finally, solve the fractious issues in the Middle East. We are truly blessed to have you participate in this forum.

Now, as to Tom’s original question, which was the protocol to address the dog (and “lady”) issue: It appears that the proper protocol was followed. Dogs are not allowed in Casa Ybel’s pool for health reasons. Further, by Florida law, dogs are not allowed in any public pool (which, for purposes of the law, includes resort, motel, and municipal pools). The law covering service animals states that the animal may be removed from the premises if it poses a health or safety threat. In this case, since dogs are precluded from pools for health reasons, the dog could be removed as a health threat.

This woman was clearly spoiling for a fight.

Re: So called service dog at pool

Wrote it once, will write it again...

I'd rather swim with dogs than most of the nasty, implant-ridden, tattoo-laced, overweight cigarette-smoking slobs.

Re: So called service dog at pool

J - I do not know who you are referring to. I am not aware that we have any members of the type to which you describe at Casa Y'bel. If you do see any, they are most likely to be interlopers, in which case they should be removed.

On the sensible topic, I would like to thank you, George, for your clarification of the law. That backs up what I was saying previously, that dogs of any type should not be allowed to swim in the pool.

To a certain extent, the whole discussion is now hyperthetical, as the woman in question has probably long gone.