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Re: elevators

Ihave not been on this site in quite awhilebut could not resist! I reread all this laughed some cried some and decide I would weigh in. First I am 80 years old and by the grace of God active and able to use my unit at casa.
I first looked at the cost quoted and became quite perplexed 1479x99=146, 421x5=732,105 dollars over 5 years! How is income over 8million? Next if the elevators only? cost 80000 they must be going to install 100 elevators!!
If this were pursued Casa FGH would need a minimum of 4 and possibly as many as 7. Regardless of what was told you there is no way an elevator could be installed for 80, 000dollars. The elevator box (the part you ride in) requires many other parts plus a housing around the shaft, a device to push/pull it up and down, a way to connect it to the buildings, all the other equipment including the electric power equipment. In addition as noted ongoing inspection maintenance and repair.
80, 000 I think that is apipe dreame or maybe one of those funny cigarettes dream!! Lol