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Re: recent visit

We were at Casa week 14. And yes, I agree the resort was in great condition as was our unit. I never was questioned at the pool regarding my status, nor did I see anyone else. I have always been a little leery of Coconuts not requiring any card to charge things to the units. All you have to do is give a name and room number, which can easily be overheard by anyone nearby. I've never had any erroneous charges, but the potential is there I suppose. There were several boat anchored off shore during the weekend. The occupants went to the pool area and/or to Coconuts I assume to enjoy the live entertainment. Don't know if they used the pool at all, but Coconuts is open to the general public. It didn't really bother my enjoyment of the facility. Even though it was Easter week, the pool had chairs open to use without to much trouble finding them. Overall, the resort wasn't as crowded as it has been in other years during this time frame..