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The Pilots of 41 Squadron RAF, 1939-1945

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Forum: The Pilots of 41 Squadron RAF, 1939-1945
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Loss of Charlie van Goens

Can any-one help with the name, and hopefully the whereabouts, of the intel officer in August 1944?
On the 17th of that month F/Lt. Rijklof "Charlie" van Goens went MIA. This was not registered in the ORB, let alone a cause for the loss, and I can only guess why. Thanks to Peter Graham there is now credible evidence that Van Goens was shot down in the Dover no-fly zone.

Re: Loss of Charlie van Goens

Name of intel officer was already dislosed on the website, Lord Guisborough, who held this office throughout the War.

Re: Loss of Charlie van Goens

Charlie van Goens apparently took off at 0905 on an 'Anti-Diver Patrol' in the Dover Straits and was reported to have ditched due to fuel shortage. That's the best info' I have.


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