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The Pilots of 41 Squadron RAF, 1939-1945

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Forum: The Pilots of 41 Squadron RAF, 1939-1945
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Squadron Leader Donald Finlay

Hi there,

I'm trying to fill in some of the many gaps I have regarding the life and times of my great uncle, Donald Finlay.

Prior to joining the RAF he was a hurdler in the Berlin Olympics and read the opening oath at the London Olympics after the war.

I understand he was very hot on keep fit and a bit of a tyrant with his squadron but would be really pleased if anyone who has any knowledge of him, or news about his times in the RAF, could contact me.

Many thanks


By the way - what a fantastic website! An absolute mine of information.

Re: Squadron Leader Donald Finlay

I have just finished the biographical text to a book on the German fighter ace Hans-Ekkehard Bob. I wrote it in cooperation with Mr. Bob, who is still going strong - he even flies - and it will be published later this year.

Due to my research, it was Hans-Ekkehard Bob who shot down Squadron Leader Finlay on 9 October 1940. Bob was the only German pilot who claimed a Spitfire in that combat. I would appreciate if you contacted me. If you are interested, I can forward a contact to Mr. Bob.

All best,

Christer Bergström

Location: Sweden

Re: Squadron Leader Donald Finlay

SAM FINLAY.A pleasure to meet you----you bear a very famous name!For the last 60 years I have had a wish to know about the postwar Donald Finlay.A first
computer at Xmas has provided a medium for such knowledge and for me to .perhaps,add a new and important insight to what you already know.Iserved under your great uncle in the R.A.F. during the war in Burma so I will subject my ancient memory to severe examination and hope that i can provide you with information which will enable you to fill the gaps.This could take some time to put together but I will be in touch as soon as possible.
I have no inforation about 41 sqadron but if I dont mention it and the system deems my information irreleventit will accordingto the warning reject the message.

Good Luck on your project


Location: Leamington Spa

Re: Squadron Leader Donald Finlay


If I am not mistaken you are refering to my grandfather. His daughter Mandy is my mother. He had two other children as well, Penny and Lisa.

Does this sound correct to you?


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