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The Pilots of 41 Squadron RAF, 1939-1945

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Forum: The Pilots of 41 Squadron RAF, 1939-1945
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F/O William John Moir Scott

I am an artist and am currently researching F/O William John Moir Scott [also known as Jack].He, like myself was from Dundee, and my next painting is to be a tribute to him.

I have collected a fair bit of material relating to F/O Scott, i know he was shot down and killed on 8th Sept 1940 after being 'jumped' by two ME109'S.I know the serial number of his Spitfire R6756, but need the last marking of his plane, i know the squadron markings are EB,but what was the last marking? Can anyone help?

Any information at all would be much appreciated and a great help to me, please get in touch if you can help. Thank you.

Scott Neish

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