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The Pilots of 41 Squadron RAF, 1939-1945

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Forum: The Pilots of 41 Squadron RAF, 1939-1945
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41 Sqdn Mission of 3 Sept 44

I am trying to locate any and all information on a mission flown by Terry Spencer on 3 Sep 44 where he shot down and killed the well-known German ace, Hptm. Emil Lang, the CO of II./JG26. Spencer's flight of eight Spitfire Mk XIIs caught Lang and two other Fw190As just after the 190s took off from Melsbroek, Belgium. All of the Fw190s were shot down near Overhespen, Belgium with one 41 Sqdn. loss, W/O P.W. Chattin. Are there any operational, mission, or after action reports available for this mission?

Cheers, Gary Koch (474th FG, 9th AF Association Historian)

Location: Aurora, Colorado USA

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