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EMU egg cleaning and carving

I want to look into carving Emu eggs. What is the best method to clean the inside of Emu egg after it has been drilled and emptied?

What tools are used to carve an egg?

Any links or info would be greatly appreciated.


Re: EMU egg cleaning and carving

http://www.emuszine.com/table_of_contents.htm has a lot of different egg art related links. The problem with bleaching out emu eggs is that the bleach can discolor the dark shell if the bubbles are allowed to set on them for any length of time. Make sure to keep the outside wiped down. I think most people use a 50/50 bleach water solution and empty the egg when the bubbling stops. http://www.emuszine.com/eggs/egg_blowing_instructions.htm Others don't bleach out the membrane as they feel it adds strength to the shell. It depends on whether or not you are going to have open spaces in the design.

Tools, most people start out with a dremel tool and then graduate to a high speed drill similar to what a dentist uses. Ron Cheruka is going to be giving egg carving classes at the American Emu Association symposium in Oklahoma City next July, you might want to check into that.

Re: Re: EMU egg cleaning and carving

Hi, Myra did a fine job with her answers! I would like to make a suggestion for a group that is absolutely chock full of information and can answer any questions you may have now or once you start into your carving experience. It's called Egg Art Group on yahoo. Here is the link, you are more than welcome to join us and post your questions and thoughts or share your carving progress!
Take care and have fun!