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Re: help! how do I store fresh emu eggs

Hi Sandy -
Emu eggs don't scramble too well (probably because of the reduced water content and lack of lipids/fat!), but they make INCREDIBLE french toast! I'm also looking forward to trying them in a cake recipe -- it is VERY light and fluffy and creamy. Because they are so bland, scrambled emu eggs take on the flavor of whatever you cook them with (we scrambled them in butter, they tasted like butter; with salt it tasted like salty butter!)

As for storage, we successfully stored emu eggs in the fridge for a couple of months with no problems. Find out how old the eggs were when you bought them so you have an idea of how long they will keep. Chicken eggs can be stored in the fridge for a month as well. You can also try separating the egg into 8 portions (roughly equal to 8 chicken eggs) for individual serving and cooking of smaller portions and freezing it. A good idea is using an ice tray for chicken-egg sized portions (covering the tray with heavy plastic-wrap) and popping out as many "egg cubes" to thaw in your microwave as you need for your recipes.


Re: help! how do I store fresh emu eggs

I'm going to disagree with someone else's post here... I think they scramble up fine if they are fresh. Chicken eggs contain about 65% white and 35% yolk, emu eggs contain 55% white and 45% yolk. Also, if you decide to freeze the scrambled egg, you will need to add either 1/2 teaspoon of salt or 6 teaspoons of sugar per cup of egg or the egg will become gelatin over time. You can freeze the egg for up to one year if handled properly. A quarter cup of emu egg equals one chicken egg. You can look at some of the recipes in our recipe section for suggestions.

Re: Re: help! how do I store fresh emu eggs

Hi Myra -
Thank you for the tip on salt (or sugar) ... I didn't know that. When we tried scrambling our birds' egg (this was from its first laying season, if that makes any difference), we weren't sure what to expect. The eggs took a very long time to scramble and the consistency was not that of a scrambled egg, but almost like cottage cheese. We didn't care much for it, mostly because it didn't have any flavor. The french toast, on the other hand, was unbelievable! If it wasn't that particular egg that didn't scramble well, I guess it's up to individual taste.

The couple we bought our birds from suggested the ice tray for frozen eggs, but we ended up eating it before we could really freeze any.

This is why I love this website -- to gain from the experiences of other emu owners. We had almost no information at all available when we first got our birds. Thank you thank you!