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Re: Re: help! how do I store fresh emu eggs

Hi Myra -
Thank you for the tip on salt (or sugar) ... I didn't know that. When we tried scrambling our birds' egg (this was from its first laying season, if that makes any difference), we weren't sure what to expect. The eggs took a very long time to scramble and the consistency was not that of a scrambled egg, but almost like cottage cheese. We didn't care much for it, mostly because it didn't have any flavor. The french toast, on the other hand, was unbelievable! If it wasn't that particular egg that didn't scramble well, I guess it's up to individual taste.

The couple we bought our birds from suggested the ice tray for frozen eggs, but we ended up eating it before we could really freeze any.

This is why I love this website -- to gain from the experiences of other emu owners. We had almost no information at all available when we first got our birds. Thank you thank you!