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Egg-laying problems?

I'm wondering if anyone can help on this question...

My female is in her 4th laying season. In the past she always began laying in mid-October. This year she didn't lay anything until after mid-November (I found her first egg a week ago). She used to lay one egg every 3 days religiously, but there have been no eggs that I can find since her first egg last week.

I read in the Emu Handbook about egg-bound birds, and I checked all droppings and didn't see any pieces of egg at all, and I tried checking her (emu-gynecology!) and couldn't find anything wrong -- not saying much since I'm no expert.

There are a couple of factors I can think might have affected her, but otherwise I'm baffled, and wonder if anyone can help from their own experiences. First, the birds were moved to our new home in July, which caused stress, no doubt. Second, the weather changed pretty rapidly here over the course of just a few days, from upper-90s down to lower-30s in a short time, and since then we've had some lows in the 20s.

Other than that, it worries me that her cycle has changed so dramatically from before. Does this normally happen on occasion with emus, or should I worry more? I was VERY worried until she laid her first egg, even though she didn't really behave unusually. But can anyone think of why she hasn't laid another? I haven't checked yet this morning, but as of yesterday there was still nothing. They live on about 1/2 acre of land, and I've checked everywhere, including their nest and beyond. (The first year she laid her eggs in several different places.)

Thanks to anyone who has any ideas or suggestions on this!!

Re: Egg-laying problems?


Emu are short day breeders - so the length of time they lay - from the beginning of laying season to the end, will be affected by where on the planet you are living. Here in Tennessee I don't usually see my first egg until the end of November, but they started two weeks earlier this year.

I have moved birds from one farm to another and had no eggs at all the first breeding season, so I would not worry about her. It may take a while for her to get back into a three day cycle. Keep in mind that the examination you just did is going to throw her off also.