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hatching eggs

I am interested in purchasing fertile eggs for hatching. Where might I obtain these eggs? What is a good type/source for the proper incubator?
Thanks, Kim

Re: hatching eggs

Emu eggs are roughly 4" x 6" in diameter, so you would need something big enough to handle them. The incubator needs to have a good fresh air exchange. We are currently using several GQFs, designed especially for emus, but you could utilize a regular GQF with some modifications. The most common incubation setting is 97.5 degrees F, with a 30% relative humidity. Since emu eggs can not be candled the conventional way, you need to be especially careful with the humidity level. Eggs should be rotated 180 degrees (one way, then back the other) at least three time daily. The incubation period is 50 days, give or take a day or two. Good luck.
Myra....just stumbled in on this site. Hope you don't mind my adding my two cents!