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birth control?

This is a stupid question but we know nothing about our Emus. We purchased this ranch in Texas and were left with 4 Emus. A few weeks ago 2 were missing, we went into the field (20) acres with lots of brush to look for them. We found one sitting and not moving. Well yesterday afternoon she came out with nine babies. We are thinking the other one will be out soon also. That is all the Emus we want or need. They are just there, as pets to look at, we won't kill them or use them for meat. We just don't want anymore babies. What do we do? We can't touch them or see any eggs. Everyone who had Emus around here have dumpped them somewhere and we would never do that. PLEASE HELP> Diane in Texas

Re: birth control?

First of all, that was a he sitting on the nest, not a she. The papa's hatch and raise the chicks. Other than having an Easter egg hunt every breeding season, I know of no way to prevent additional chicks from being produced.

You might want to check with the Texas Emu Association and see if there are any farmers willing to come collect the birds if you don't want them. I'm sorry, I just don't know of any way to prevent the laying and the only way I know to prevent the hatching is to collect the eggs. You will have to search for the nest - and they do hide them really well. Of course if he is sitting on the nest, you can remove any eggs under him. BTW, clean blown emu eggs sell for $5 each average.

For emu farming info, check http://www.redoakfarm.com

Re: birth control?

The only way you can control fertility/hatch, is to separate the guys from the gals during breeding season (usually runs from late fall to March/April, or even May, if you have an exceptional layer. If you are into fence building, you could prepare two breeding pens; I would recommend nothing smaller than 25 ft. by 100 ft.. During breeding season, you could contain them and gather eggs every day or two. This way, the male won't have any to set on and make more babies.
I am hatching as we speak......aren't they the cutest things?