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Time is just such an issue right now for me with the boys grabbing more and more of whatever free time I have left but if this doesn't motivate me to pick back up on writing an update to Billy Beane's Perfect Draft, I don't know what will.

Former Moneyball players Brant Colamarino and Ben Fritz were selected today in the AAA portion of the Rule V draft.

Paul DePodesta you may recall stated Colamarino "might be the best hitter in the country" and claimed that Fritz was "the third best right handed pitcher" in that year's draft.


It's also interesting that Baseball America once claimed that Colamarino was "likely to be some teams Rule V throwback."

Re: Moneyballers

Maybe cutting back on the endless MySpace bulletins would free up some time.

Re: Moneyballers

While we're on the subject of dogging Moneyball, how abouth the whole Prince Fielder being even too fat for the A's bit?

Re: Moneyballers

Which was even more amusing considering how much they liked (now very much past tense) Jeremy Brown.

But yeah, I suppose time hasn't been the only thing holding me back.
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