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Holliday to Oakland??

Seems very odd to me, given Oakland's recent moves. Holliday is owed $13.5 million in 2009 and is represented by Scott Boras. The A's would likely give up better prospects to get Colorado to eat some of that contract, but it still seems like an odd move for a one-year rental. The A's are more than a Holliday away from making the playoffs next year.

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Re: Holliday to Oakland??

Can't say I disagree although to get someone to take Huston Street has got to be a plus.

Re: Holliday to Oakland??

I should say that the scuttlebut around here is that the A's are going hard after Rafael Furcal to be their leadoff hitter. They have the financial flexibility to set their payroll anywhere from 40-80 million and if Beane see's a chance to compete this year, he's going to go for it. Crosby is likely to be dealt and the A's of course have lots of prospects to trade and tons of pitching at all levels. It wouldn't surprise me to see them compete though it's still an odd move.

Re: Holliday to Oakland??

Now I am seeing Holliday and No Cash for Street, Carlos Gonzalez, and Greg Smith.

Weird deal for both clubs. Holliday isn't going to produce much of anything away from Coors, although he still immediately becomes their most complete hitter. Street wasn't going to make much money in arbitration next year, and there is no one ready to take over that role in 2009 (Don't give me this Brad Ziegler nonsense). Greg Smith might be replaceable from Oakland's perspective, but they are then counting on a lot of young, unproven pitchers to be both healthy and effective. Carlos Gonzalez is still one of the most highly regarded prospects around.

The view from Colorado only makes a little more sense. Holliday was a fan favorite, although expensive and overrated. The last thing they needed was a closer, though Street is certainly a dominant one when healthy. Smith is going to be a disaster at Coors, although he might hit decently well there. Gonzalez, of course, should be a great fit.

Re: Holliday to Oakland??

It wouldn't surprise me if Joey Divine closes next year.

Huston Street on the other hand shouldn't be used in a closers role. He's ticking time bomb.

Re: Holliday to Oakland??

Did he eat one of your kids, or do you have something else on which to base that statement?

Re: Holliday to Oakland??

77%, 76% and 72% save % over the last three years, causing him to lose his role as closer last year. I'll bet you A's fans are thrilled to be rid of him.

Re: Holliday to Oakland??

So I am willing to listen to the argument that Street would be better suited for a setup role, but the notion that the A's somehow got better by jettisoning a 25-year old pitcher with a career 2.88 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, and 4.4 K/non-IBB ratio is ludicrous.

Also, I hadn't realized that Fuentes was a free agent. Now the deal makes plenty of sense to me from Colorado's perspective.

Re: Holliday to Oakland??

Billy Bean Press conference.

"I’m not PollyAnnaish enough to believe that you acquire one player and go from 75 to 95 wins. I think ultimately that we want to be better than we were last year and ultimately we want to continue to develop a young team. This is part of that process, as I mentioned before. And if you are to project into the future, if we were to carry this out, if Matt were, for some reason, to leave at the end of the year, then we would be compensated with two first round picks, which would fit right back into the long-term plan."

Great long-term plan. Trade three players 25 or younger with affordable contracts for several years for two compensatory draft picks. Oh, and throw $13.5 million in while you're at it.

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