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Re: Since that other forum is bye bye

trying an avatar

Re: Since that other forum is bye bye

that worked.

So, the event is on a Sunday....most people will want to do an event & gfet back home the same day. This event is happening on a Sunday. I would figure that most of the Members who will have to drive some distance will want to do the earlier show, because then they will be able to take off & get back home Sunday evening & go to work on Monday. I figure if I had to drive 3 or 4 or more hours to an event I really wanted to do, I would appreciate the ability to do this.
so teh wi folks will costume the earlier show, so they can get back home on Sunday evening. Local folks can do teh evening show.

Re: Since that other forum is bye bye

...and it's interesting too to see that all of these people who complain that an hour or two to drive (from Southern WI) (Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee area) is too great of a distance to warrant that they so urgently NEED to have their own garrison. It makes my head hurt.

it sure doesn't seem like it is a problem for them to get to this event.