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Hi all

Hi, I am a recent digi scrap addict, used to do only paper scrap and thought I would never ever like digi scrap but I love it and find that I do more pages then I ever did with paper and actually run out of pictures to scrap so make up excuses to take new pictures and even have been scrapbooking some pages of my neice for my siseter, kinda as an excuse to do girly pages. I really look forward to getting to know everyone and get inspired by you girls
Michelle I have to say thanks to you, I love your kits and have used many of them and love that you offer free kits I think that is so awesome, it is rare, very rare these days to see someone so giving, bless you, it makes my digi addiction affordable therefore I can keep on scrappin ((Hugs)) to you

Re: Hi all

Welcome Vicki....I know you will like it here...

You are so welcome...I know what it is like to have financial isues, job problems, etc...and all I want for others is to help them make memories...I wasn't in this for making money...I just like to!!!!! and can't wait to see some of your layouts...((HUGS))